Student Event Form

Student Event Form

The “Student Event Form” is available on the Student Activities website. A Student Event Form must be filled out for each club event, including events held off-campus or locations other than 35 W 67th street.

Students may use this form to request use of classrooms, performance space, screening room, and on-site A/V equipment for groups of 30 or fewer. For most events, this form must be submitted 30 days before the date the room is needed (for small groups–15 or fewer–and informal occasions, the form is due 10 days in advance of the date the room is needed). No events will be scheduled unless the appropriate form is submitted. Submission of the form does not guarantee that space will be available. You should expect a reply for your request within 7-10 days.

A student liaison, and an alternate, must be appointed for each use request. Both the liaison and the alternate take responsibility that all guests adhere to the guidelines for space use. The liaison or the alternate must be present in the room during the entire time the room is in use. The liaison or the alternate must sign out with security after all guests leave at the end of the event.

 What date is ideal for your event?

Consider other activities organized by central Macaulay; academic calendar (breaks and exam periods). Find out availability of invited speakers first.

Consider how many guests you expect and event type.

Refer to specific room capacities to determine the desired location for your event. Due to demand space is not always available. Plan ahead and submit this completed form early!

When do reservations open?

  • Fall – July 1st.
  • Spring – November 1st.

Reservation submissions will open on the dates listed above for their respective semesters. Any reservations submitted prior to these dates will not be honored.