Club Chartering

How to start a club/pub at MHC

 In order to start a club or publication at Macaulay, you should first have a group of 10 students interested in starting the club. A Club or Organization should first register on “Club Macaulay”(hosted by CampusGroups), the student group management system and submit a Club Charter. A Club Charter form is available on the Student Activities website.

The proposal must include the “mission,” purpose and objectives of the club; and an outline for its structure, i.e., club officers and membership, proposed meeting schedule, etc. It must also include proposed programming ideas/plans/schedule.

A club charter will first be reviewed and approved by Student Development office; then, by the Macaulay Scholar’s Council. Each proposed club is expected to attend the Scholars Council meeting in which they are up for approval to make their case. Each Macaulay club must be unique. Clubs of a similar nature to an already existing group will not be eligible to charter.

First-semester Freshmen are not eligible to start a new club, and are welcome to take part in our flourishing club community as a club member or to fulfill any vacant club officer roles of returning clubs.

Follow the steps below to re-register your club:

To sign in, go to

Then click on Forgot Password. Enter your email in the box. Check your email and click on the password Reset Link. Then use the new password to login to this page.

All club charter’s should be uploaded to “Club Macaulay” for approval.


You will then be taken to your homepage as shown below. Please click on Join Groups on the top right corner.

You will see a blue blurb that guides you to register new groups. Click on the blue button to fill out the club registration form. 

Example of Club Charter:

Student’s are not required to change the charter year to year, but should review the goals of the club for each year annually.

Charter Template

A group that has been inactive for 2 semesters will need to be reviewed and approved by the Scholars Council, and will follow the rules of chartering a new organization.

Re-Chartering/Reactivating your club:

At the start of each year, clubs must reactivate their group on “Club Macaulay” including their new club officers, events and goals and update their charter for the upcoming year, as needed. The overall mission and purpose of the club should not drastically change to be considered the same organization. Also, check out the Club Elections guide.

Use the steps mentioned above to sign in to the new system. Then click on Join Groups on the homepage. 


You will be taken to a page that shows the available clubs. Find your club and click on Group Re-registration.


Club Membership Costs or Fees

Any clubs that have costs or fees associated with membership must have this information communicated to prospective members, and included on their Club Macaulay page. Costs would refer to any expenses a member would incur while participating in usual club activities throughout the year. Fees would refer to a payment of money that is required for a student to be a member of the group.

On Club Macaulay, include this information in your “Membership Benefits” section on your “About” page. To edit, go to your group’s Dashboard > Settings > Basic Information > Membership Benefits.


Charter Appeal Process

If a student group is not approved to be a recognized organization, they may file a letter of appeal. The letter must provide evidence and a justification of why their group should be reviewed again.

The letter should be sent to the head of Student Development. If the appeal is granted, a student group’s request to charter can be reviewed by the Scholars Council again, and must address any outstanding stipulations noted in the appeal.

Club Registration and Returning Club Registration opens for a brief period at the start of each semester, consult the Important Dates and Deadlines for the most up-to-date information.