Please note that as the Macaulay Building is in the process of reopening, the procedure to submit for a reimbursement outlined below is not active. To see the steps to get reimbursed for club expenditures while we are transitioning fully back to in-person activities, please visit our Building Reopening Policies and Resources page.

How can I spend club money? 

Club funding can be utilized in a few different ways:

  • Students can spend their own money and be reimbursed (you must provide the original receipts and utilize a tax exempt form as you will not be eligible to be reimbursed for tax).
  • You can contact Student Development a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of your event to charge the expense. All orders should be prepared in advance of contacting Student Development.


Please submit the following items to process a reimbursement.

  • Student Club Payment Request
  • Original Receipts (excluding tax)
  • Event Flyer/Advertisement
  • Sign in sheets

***This form is not currently active. Please view this page for current instructions. A Student Club Payment Request must be filled out for any reimbursements to be processed.

Original Receipts must be provided, and should include the date of purchase, itemization, as well as name and address of the vendor. Tax is ineligible to be reimbursed. Please utilize the Tax Exempt Form when making any purchases. You must pick up a physical copy of the tax exempt form by contacting the Student Development office.

Event Flyer & Advertisements should include basic information about the event including the date, time, and location.

Sign in sheets should be utilized at every event and all participants must sign in using their name.

Where do my reimbursements go?

All of your documentation must be submitted together, in an envelope, to the Student Development office:

  • You can leave your reimbursement at the front desk of the Macaulay building, ATT: Student Development.
  • You can mail your reimbursement to Macaulay Honors College, ATT: Student Development, 35 W 67th Street, New York, NY 10023

This mailing process above is currently suspended. Please email all documentation to and see detailed instructions here

Spending Restrictions

You can only spend club funding on the areas approved for in your budget request. In addition, there are the following additional spending restrictions:

  • T-shirts or other branded materials purchased using club funding must be $8 or less per item. Student Organizations must provide a list criteria for how students are selected to receive items and students selected to receive them, when applicable.
  • Club Funding may not be used to purchase gift cards.
  • We are unable to fund individual expenses for non-Macaulay students with a group’s allocated budget.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot provide funding for Speaker Fees or honoraria.
    There are extensive resources within Macaulay and CUNY that clubs can utilize for free. You can also reach out to the Student Development team at for some suggestions for how you can get a speaker for free.​

Reimbursements cannot be processed prior to a club’s budget being approved by both the Scholars Council and Student Development. Any funding spent prior to budget approval is at the risk of the spender and is not guaranteed reimbursement.


Reimbursements are due at the end of each semester for any spending within that semester. Consult the Important Dates and Deadlines for the most up-to-date information.