Reservations & Events

Every Macaulay Club event should be open to all Macaulay students. Students are expected to have a CUNY ID to enter the Macaulay Building. Some Macaulay Events allow for other CUNY college guests. All guests must be prepared to present ID when entering the building.

Sign In Sheets

For every event, the Organization planning the event is responsible for producing and facilitating student sign in. Everyone must “sign in” at each and every event. Students are also able to utilize digital sign in sheets utilizing “Club Macaulay”.

Each sign in sheet should have a minimum of a student’s name, email address and home campus.

[Club Sign In Sheet]

Open & Accessible Events

All Macaulay Club or Organization events must be open to all Macaulay Students. Each Organization is responsible for advertising and promoting their own events. Think of creative ways to get people interested and excited about your club, cause or event!

Macaulay Building

When utilizing space at the Macaulay Building, the club/organization is responsible for leaving the space as they found it. If a room set-ups is found during your event, it should be returned at the close of your meeting or event.

You will need extra time to prepare and set up for your event, and dedicated time and people to clean up afterwards. Please be mindful when reserving your event space to include your setup and clean up time.

Recurring events or multiple event dates can be booked in advance at the same time, but are subject to be moved.

An event date cannot be booked more than 5 months in advance. Events for the Fall semester cannot be requested before July 1st.

Water, Ice & Supplies

There is filtered water/water bottle refiller where you can fill up the pitchers of water or the water dispensers for your event. If this is unavailable you can also find the water fountain on the “C” level or sink in the Pantry off of the Reading Room/Lecture Hall. Also, in the kitchen located on the “C” level you can find the ice machine. If you need any supplies such as plates, napkins, cups or utensils, you can find them in the Pantry, located off the Lecture Hall.