Club Requirements


  • Each club must be open to “all” Macaulay students, even if the club’s “mission” is one of ethnic/cultural/identity affinity and support.
  • Approximately 50% of the club’s programming is expected to occur at 35 West 67th Street.
  • Once approved, at least one official representative of the club is expected to attend the once-per-month Club Council meetings (does not need to be the same representative each month).
  • Not including any meetings, each club is expected to host 4 events open to the entire Macaulay community each year.
  • Each group must have at least 4 officers and 10 members, which must be Macaulay students. Membership must be made up of students from multiple campuses. Officers also count as members.
  • All new club leaders must complete SPARC training. SPARC will be listed in Blackboard for your completion. Consult the Important Dates and Deadlines page for the most up-to-date information on club deadlines.

Each club is also expected to send representatives to the annual Community Resources Fair (August) and Club Fair (January).

A Macaulay club may not duplicate another group that exists on another CUNY campus, and should be a group that provides a unique purpose to the Macaulay Community.

Student Organization Workshops

Student Organization workshops will be held at the start of each semester. Two (2) club officers must attend one of the scheduled workshops by 9/9/22.

Some of the topics to be included will be the student group management system, club charters, club budgets and spending, room reservations, and how to get the most out of being a club.

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Club Council

The Club Council is made up of (at least) 1 representative from each Macaulay club. The meetings provide updates on the goings on of clubs to the community, as well as act as a resource for fielding and troubleshooting issues facing club leaders from within or outside their group. The meetings are hosted by the Scholars Council, chaired by the VP Campus Affairs, and frequently provide leadership development sponsored by Student Development.