Club Finance & Budgets

How can I get club funding?

There are two ways clubs can be funded at Macaulay:

  • Clubs submit a budget request to the Scholar’s Council through “Club Macaulay”.
  • Groups can also request additional funds by filing a “Request for Additional Student Club Funding” for a specific 1-time purpose or event.

In some cases, initiatives may be able to be funded through the Macaulay Scholars Council’s “general” programming budget (this would usually occur if/when the event is one that can be folded into regularly sponsored Council programming). Please contact the Scholars Council about co-sponsoring an event.

Club Budgets

An actual allocation will be determined by the scholar’s council once a budget request is received. Clubs must stay within the confines of their budget when spending, planning or reimbursing club funding.

First, an allocation (amount of funding your club will receive) will be determined based off of your budget request by the Scholar’s Council. From there, club’s must re-adjust their budgets to meet their allocation. After readjusting to meet your allocation and resubmitting on Club Macaulay, your budget will be reviewed by Macaulay Administration for final approval, before funds can be spent/accessed.

You can see the Club Budget Workflow here. For a full list of budget-related dates/deadlines, click here.

MHC Club Budget Template

Note: As of May ’16, Macaulay club funding can no longer be utilized for web-services. Anyone wishing to make a club website can create a free ePortfolio page or Club Macaulay website dedicated to your club.

How can I submit a Club Budget?

First, you should prepare your budget using the Club Budget Template.

Then, you should fill out the Budget Request form on Club Macaulay. Please find the link to the form here: Budget Request Form 2022-2023

Please make sure to upload your budget to this form and click on submit.

Please consult the Important Dates and Deadlines to see the latest dates you can submit budget or additional funding requests for the Fall and Spring semesters.

Request for Additional Student Club Funding

This type of request is for a specific purpose, or event, which would normally exceed the range of a given club’s budget. Organizations should have a clear plan and specific costs in mind before submitting this request. These requests are granted on a case-by-case basis, and will be reviewed by the Scholar’s Council and Student Development office. Please allow at least 3-4 weeks for review. Clubs may not make an additional funding request before they are allocated an initial budget.

FILL OUT: Additional club funding request form

SUBMIT: Additional Funding Requests on Club Macaulay here

IMPORTANT: Macaulay student clubs cannot also be co-funded by their home campus’ student activities office.

Budget Appeal Process

If a student group would like to appeal the amount allocated in their budget they may file an appeal. A student group may file an appeal to the Scholars Council’s Finance Committee to be reviewed by the Scholars Council Vice President of Finance.

After a review by the Scholars Council if the student group still wishes to pursue an appeal of their allocation they may file a letter of appeal with Student Development. The letter must provide evidence and a justification of why their group’s allocation should be reviewed again.

The letter should be sent to the head of Student Development. If the appeal is granted, a student group’s request will allow the Scholars Council to review their allocation again, and must address any outstanding stipulations noted in the appeal.

Filing a budget appeal will delay the approval process.