Fundraising Guidelines

If your group is planning to raise funds, someone from your group must complete the Club Fundraising Approval Form at least two weeks in advance of the fundraiser.

  • Fundraised money should go to support your club and club activities.
  • If you wish to donate to an outside organization, money from your club budget must first be reimbursed for the cost of the event, and any profit can be donated.

Please contact Student Development for any additional fundraising concerns.

How to Deposit Funding

In order to deposit fundraised money, you must:

  • Fill out a Student Organization Fundraising¬†Form.
  • Arrange to meet with Student Development, in person and in advance, to give in the form and any fundraised money.

Fundraised Money

Fundraised money will be kept separately for clubs from their Club budget given to them by Macaulay. Only Club Officers (those denoted on Club Macaulay as “Group Admin” will be considered an officer in a Club) will be able to access fundraised club funding. While club funding allocated by the college and scholars council will be subject to restrictions set forth when the budget is approved, clubs may utilize their fundraised money as they see fit. In the event that a club overdraws from their allocated club funding, Macaulay reserves the right to compensate for any overdraws from fundraised money.

At the end of each fiscal year (July-June), any unused club funding will return to Macaulay. Any fundraised money will remain in a separate account, and will roll over to the club to be utilized the following year.

Any student organizations that have fundraised money must keep their fundraised account active with withdrawals or deposits. An account cannot be inactive (without withdrawals or deposits) for more than a year. After 1 year of inactivity, fundraised money will be turned over to the general Club Fund.

For student organizations that are not active, fundraised money gets redistributed into the general Student Activities fund after two semesters of inactivity. As a result, these funds become subject to the same restrictions as club budgets. 

(Please note policies in BOLD, will become effective in July 2020.)