In this section, we will discuss a number of ways you can promote your events throughout the Macaulay Community and General Public. Not all of these methods are necessary for a successful event, however they may help in different ways depending on the size, topic, and target audience of your event. You can also take a look at our Virtual Event Creation and Security Guide.


A poster or flyer may be used for two reasons: (1) to promote your event prior to its start date or (2) to help guests find the room or location that the event is taking place (posted outside the room on an easel). You can post flyers in the Macaulay building and at your campus’ honors lounge.

To create a flyer, students may utilize Microsoft Word, Paint, PowerPoint, Publisher, or any other design software. Another great, free, online resource for flyer making is Canva. To customize your RSVP link, check out

Please view the printing guidelines for both large posters and small flyers. Macaulay offers printing services for one (1) large poster per event free of charge. Please use the printing guidelines to create your poster and upload the exported pdf or ppt file to the Printing Request Form. To follow up on any submitted printing requests, please contact Mary Carney at

Sample Flyer

Please note that a flyer/advertisement must be included for any reimbursements or expenditure of club funding.

The Macaulay Calendar (RSVP)

The Macaulay Calendar appears on the college’s official website.

The Macaulay Calendar is typically reserved for events with broader audiences. Student Development will work with your organization if this kind of promotion applies to your event. 

Macaulay Monday

Macaulay Monday is a digital newsletter, emailed to current students and others within the Macaulay Community.

Due to limited space in Macaulay Monday, we cannot guarantee that all events will be added. In order to make it into Macaulay Monday, your event must be fully approved in Club Macaulay by the Wednesday afternoon prior to that upcoming Monday.

Club Macaulay

The Club Macaulay calendar is the hub for all student events. It’s a great place to find out what is going on in the Macaulay Community, find fun events to attend, and to help your peers planning their own events. All club events are required to be inputted in Club Macaulay, and will then appear under the group’s event list and on the Club Macaulay Calendar. You can also post about your event on the Club Macaulay Feed

Social Media Promotion 

Does your group have an online presence? Consider making an Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or any other social media that would support your club’s efforts and grow your member engagement. Get together with your E-Board to decide how often to post, what to feature, and how best to promote your club’s mission and events. Some clubs create a Social Media Coordinator role for their Executive Board to assist with the posting and management of these platforms. Also, check out Hootsuite – it offers free user accounts to help create, plan, and pre-schedule posts on these social media platforms. 

Scholars Council Promotion 

Are you looking to advertise a club event, or find out what is going on with student activities at Macaulay? Be sure to like the Scholars Council’s Facebook and Instagram pages. To request that they promote your event, fill out this form: