Student Government

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The Macaulay Scholar’s Council is an important and influential voice of the Macaulay student body at CUNY, helping to foster the essential dual identity every Macaulay student bears. The group is led by four representatives from each of the eight campuses, but all are welcome to participate and contribute. The Council’s mission is to promote an informed and involved Macaulay student body, building cross-campus community through sponsorship of various activities and providing counsel to the Macaulay administration. Macaulay students are among the most involved students in the country, and the Macaulay Honors Council is an excellent way to channel that energy for the good of all University Scholars, and CUNY as a whole.

The Macaulay Scholar’s Council is the first stop on getting your club chartered and your club budget approved. Representatives of the Scholar’s Council will determine a new club’s eligibility based on their charter. The Scholar’s Council also develops their own charter and any changes of their charter are voted on by the student body during the Spring semester representative election period. The Scholar’s Council will determine the allocation of funding a club will receive for the academic year.

Check the Macaulay Scholars Council website » for more information or contact that by email at

Student Election Review Committee (SERC)​

The student election review committee (SERC) is a small committee of impartial Macaulay staff members that review the conduct and process of student elections. More specifically, it establishes the election rules and guidelines. It also ensures that election procedures, voting, and certification of election results are proper.

SERC Members:

  • Chris Daversa, Director of Student Development:
  • Sara Mazes, Office and Building Services Coordinator:
  • Lisa Brundage, Director of Teaching, Learning and Technology: