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Student Development at Macaulay represents both the literal and the “what’s possible” within a diverse community of highly motivated, talented and inquisitive young adults. Our primary goal is to provide guidance, advice and resources to students to create successful out-of-classroom activities throughout their undergraduate experience. As part of the Student Services department, we encourage students to make consistent connections between building their soft-skills and real-world issues as they develop cultural, social, informational and recreational programs that will benefit the Macaulay and CUNY communities.

Promoting students’ personal growth and leadership development is also crucial to the work we do, as is the continued strengthening of Macaulay community identity among our cross-campus partners. We hope that, as a Macaulay student, you will take full advantage of the opportunities we offer to actively shape your own undergraduate experience while also broadening the horizons of your peers.

This page will help student clubs, organizations and groups at the Macaulay Honors College achieve their goals.

Chris Daversa
Director of Student Development