Sample Budget

Students should get into the practice of budgeting their funding. A budget should be submitted to the Macaulay Scholar’s Council for review, detailing the type of event, along with how much would be used for refreshments, decorations, supplies, etc.

Line Category Descriptions

Refreshments: All food purchases (i.e., catering, snacks); includes meal allowances for trips or conferences.
Equipment: Any tangible item with a useful life of at least 1 year.
Contractual Services: Space rental, guest speakers, performers, bands, DJs, honoraria, lighting/sound technician, and security.
Supplies: Expendable supplies. Paper products (napkins, plates, cups, utensils), decorations, printing costs/posters (done outside of Macaulay), office supplies.
Travel: Transportation to off campus events (i.e., Airline/bus/railroad tickets), conference/convention registration fees, housing costs (i.e., hotel rooms), bus rental.
Miscellaneous: Prizes, awards, and t-shirts. 

MHC Club Budget Template

How do I make changes to a club budget?

 Once a club has decided, collectively – through their own means, to modify their budget they should contact the Student Development office. Changes within a specific program do not need any approval, but moving money between activities should require consultation. Therefore, if you were approved to use your club funding to buy supplies for an event, you cannot use that funding to compete in a competition.

Where can I find my club budget?

You can find your most recent club budget in Club Macaulay by clicking on your group on the Home page. Then navigate to the Money tab and select Accounting Book.