AV Policies

There are a select few additional Audio/Visual and Technology related items that are available to help you with your events. Please see the items available in each space and the requirements to use them.

Students may loan up to (4) Shure Beta 58 microphones. Microphones will come with the necessary cable and a stand. If you specifically need table top stands or regular floor stands please specify on the student event form. At the end of your event, it is expected that all cables are wrapped and placed in the crate provided along with the microphones and stands and left by the sound board in Cabaret.

The Cabaret sound system is designed for voice and low music playing only. DJs are not permitted to hook into our sound system and should be advised to bring their own equipment and speakers.

Lecture Hall
Two wireless microphones are available upon request. The microphones will be placed on the podium along with two table top stands. Please return the two microphones to the podium at the end of your event.

IT requires that any person using the Screening Room and/or Cabaret should meet with IT staff for training. Please specify if you need to schedule training on the Student Event Form.

Students may loan an LED TV for use within the Macaulay building. HDMI, VGA, and Mini DisplayPort cables will be provided. You may request to loan the flat screen TV via the Student Event Form.