Candidate Advertising & Campaign Guidelines

The official campaigning period for the Macaulay Scholars Council Election begins on the first day that Candidate Bio Statements are accepted and ends on the last day of voting. During this time period, candidates may share their candidacy on social media and post flyers on the black bulletin board in the rear of the Reading Room. Candidates must follow the rules pertaining to flyers and advertising materials of their home campus, and cannot remove or cover another candidate’s posted campaign material. Candidates must specifically receive permission from their respective honors offices if posting in honors lounges. Candidates seeking to join or start a slate must email prior to the submission of any of their party’s candidate statements being submitted.


Candidates should:

  • Post their intentions to run on social media or other platforms to engage with their peers.
  • Speak with their constituents about their intentions to run, as well as what they hope to accomplish in office.
  • Educate their peers on the importance of their vote, the voice in the community and the role of the Scholars Council.
  • Encourage all of their classmates to vote in the election.


Please note that advertising and campaign materials may not be used to attack, smear, or insult another candidate. Additionally, candidates may not use incentives of any kind to persuade students to vote for them, including cash, food, and refreshments. Breaking of these rules can result in a candidate’s disqualification. Candidate statements may not be altered for content after they are submitted. 


If you suspect a candidate is violating campaign guidelines, reach out to to report them.