Reopening Budget Policies & Resources

Please see some updated budgetary guidelines below. These are to remain in effect while the Macaulay building is in the process of reopening. Please see here for more information about student event programming policies. All guidelines below are advisory for the budget creation process, and each club budget must receive individual approval before spending occurs.


Reimbursement Process for Direct Deposit

Our Finance team continues to work remotely and is not going to the Macaulay Building to process checks. The only way for you to be reimbursed will be through ACH payments, otherwise known as Direct Deposit. 


The process to submit is as follows:

  1. Complete the ACH Payment Request Form in Google Sheets (Make a copy) or Excel and save as a PDF. 
  2. Compile all the relevant accompanying documentation for submission (as PDFs). 
    1. Flyer for event (Or Club Macaulay Event Page)
    2. List of Event Attendees
    3. Receipts
  3. Send all of the documents to
    1. Note: all documents must be submitted in PDF format. Otherwise, these will be sent back to submitter to adjust and resend in PDF format.
  4. Further instructions for how to securely submit your banking information (Account & Routing Number) will be directly emailed to the contact person you put in the Request Form. Do not ever provide any banking information in the form or over email. 


Please note that students cannot get reimbursed for items not in your club’s approved budget. After the payment is completed, your banking information gets deleted, so it does not live within any of our databases. 


Spending Guidelines

Supplies & Swag

Clubs may spend up to:

  • $8 for branded gear/swag per item per person (not including shipping)
  • $5 for other supplies per item per person (including shipping)

Please note that branded gear/swag does not include costumes for your club. Branded gear/swag refers to any promotional item with your club’s logo and information on it, i.e. t-shirt.

See here for more information about pricing from our recommended vendor.



If your club wants to purchase equipment for members:

  • No more than 50% of your allocated budget can go towards these items.
  • All equipment must return to the Macaulay Building (when we are back in person) for use by the wider Macaulay community.
  • Members receiving the equipment will need to fill out a Club Equipment Loan Agreement promising the return of the equipment to the building.
  • Equipment items are approved based on the group’s mission and need.

Students who do not return loaned equipment will be penalized, as well as the organization.



The process for fundraising in the virtual environment has been slightly modified. Clubs may raise funds for their group use or to donate to a charitable organization. If your group wishes to host a fundraiser, they must first fill out this form here to let Student Development know of your plans and receive approval. 

You have the option to create a portal for fundraising using Macaulay’s systems. If you’d like to do this, please fill out the form above and reach out to to see what options are available. 

If groups collect funds on their own, they must deposit into the college’s account (which will be allocated to their fundraised account). At the end of the fundraiser, to deposit funding, a student from your group must make an ACH (Direct Deposit) Transfer from their bank account to the Macaulay account. To get the next steps for this process and how to deposit, you must fill out this Virtual Student Organization Fundraising form and send it completed to


2020-2021 T-Shirt & Tote Mailing

Student Development has purchased Macaulay t-shirts & totes that can be mailed to individual students’ homes while we are virtual. We have created this process to make it easier for groups to send prizes for their different initiatives or virtual events. Please note that swag items or prizes must be in your club’s approved budget before utilizing this form. Each t-shirt will cost $12 and each tote will cost $9.50 to send and ship. The cost will be directly subtracted from your club budget, viewable in your group’s “Money” tab in Club Macaulay after processing. Access the form here.