Macaulay students matriculate at one of the eight senior CUNY colleges that comprise the Macaulay consortium, but can also study at any of CUNY’s colleges or even the CUNY Graduate Center. Students take the majority of their courses exclusively at their home campus.

Macaulay Honors College operates in a single building. The building is used principally for student meetings and gatherings and for back office operations. It includes a lecture hall, three classrooms, a reading room, meeting rooms for students, and office space for staff and faculty. Macaulay does not have or maintain any labs, performing arts facilities, dormitories, libraries, cafeterias, child care centers, or athletic facilities (pools, gymnasiums, locker rooms, or showers). Headcount for Macaulay faculty and staff is approximately 50.

Macaulay has a shared services and support agreement with John Jay College to manage and maintain its building. Rather than hiring staff to manage a single building, Macaulay relies on the John Jay facilities team to provide all building services and support, e.g. public safety, custodial services, physical plant management, etc. Macaulay has no public safety or facilities staff members on its payroll. Macaulay has shared services and support from The CUNY Graduate Center for all human resources related matters. The head of Macaulay’s finance and administration department liaises with the appropriate people at John Jay on all building and facilities related matters and the CUNY Graduate Center on Human Resources related matters.

Macaulay does not have any essential employees as defined by the state of New York. None of the work required to keep the college operating must be performed by someone physically in the building. The entire Macaulay staff currently works remotely. All classes and meetings were shifted from in person to online in March 2020 and continue to be conducted online.

Macaulay will reopen its building in the fall 2021 semester.      Every three months, the Reopening Task Force will reassess the needs of all campus stakeholders, review the reopening plan, and make revisions as needed to ensure that Macaulay fulfills its educational mission. Any changes to the plan will be resubmitted to CUNY for approval.