Honorable Technology


When you joined Macaulay Honors College, you joined a learning community that is linked by campus classrooms, Common Events, and technology. Through the Macaulay website, social networking site, and discussion boards organized by the Instructional Technology Fellows, as well as through eportfolios and blogs, you will be interacting in virtual communities across CUNY. As you develop relationships with other members of the Macaulay community, you will also likely engage with them in non-Macaulay virtual spaces (e.g. Facebook, Twitter).

Given this element of the Macaulay educational experience, we want to offer some tools to help you think about how to participate in the virtual realm with honor and integrity.

The Virtual Realm as a Public Space

Your ongoing experience in cyberspace has likely already shown you that the virtual realm is not a separate, hidden space but one that is increasingly integrated into our everyday academic and social lives. Our online conduct is a form of academic and/or social behavior and we need to be aware of the benefits and consequences involved.

We’re working with students, faculty and staff to develop, through conversations and case studies, a Digital Ethics Code for Macaulay.