Tuition and Fees

Macaulay Tuition Scholarship

As a Macaulay Scholar, you will receive a tuition* scholarship, which funds four years of full-time undergraduate study, excluding fees. The Macaulay scholarship is drawn from a combination of sources: CUNY, TAP, Federal, City/State scholarships/grants, and other scholarships you may receive. The following types of scholarships/aid will be applied towards your tuition bill: TAP, NYS HESC Scholarships, NYS TAP waiver, CUSTA, PELL, NYC Council Merit Scholarship, and other scholarships received.

✽ Students must meet CUNY NYS residency requirements for in-state tuition to receive the tuition scholarship

The deadline for completing the FAFSA and TAP is October 15 each year for the upcoming academic year. Failure to complete the FAFSA and TAP application will result in the tuition scholarship being rescinded, and the student will be retroactively charged for tuition for the entire year.

Note: There are different policies for tuition coverage for summer and winter sessions.  See the Summer Session and Winter Session Tuition Policy sections.

Students who register for graduate courses may be billed at the graduate rate of tuition. In these instances check your bill for tuition charges. You will be responsible for tuition charges that exceed the amount of your tuition scholarship. Questions can be directed to the Office of Scholarships and Grants at


You are responsible for all fees associated with CUNY including, but not limited to, Student Activity, USS, Accelerated Study, Consolidated Service, Material, Technology, Change-of-Program, and late fees.  A description of fees charged by the University can be found here (Look under Fees). For a quick calculation of fees subtract your tuition charges from your total charges for each semester.

Tuition Liability Charges

As a rule, students who drop/withdraw from one or more classes after the deadline for receiving a full tuition refund will be liable for all tuition charges.

Summer Session Tuition Policy

In general, Macaulay Honors College encourages students to pursue internship and research opportunities, study abroad, or service programs during the summer. However, there are some instances in which summer course work may be appropriate and will be funded:

  • If you accumulate fewer than 30 credits at the end of your first year (including AP credits).
  • If your major requires more than 120 credits and you need to take summer courses in order to graduate within four years.
  • If you want to devote more time to difficult or unusual courses.

If your Macaulay Advisor approves, Macaulay Honors College will fund up to 8 credits during each summer, starting after completion of the first year. If the summer classes equal more than 8 credits, you are responsible for paying the tuition balance. Summer courses taken after the 8th semester and/or after graduation are not covered by the Macaulay Tuition Scholarship.

Winter Session Tuition Policy

  • One winter session class (up to 4 credits) per academic year will be covered by the tuition waiver, provided that the student obtains Macaulay Advisor approval prior to registration.
  • Macaulay Scholars should also obtain Macaulay Advisor approval for winter study abroad plans. One study abroad class of up to 4 credits will be covered by the tuition waiver.  Macaulay Scholars taking more than one class, or more than 4 credits abroad, must submit the Winter Study Abroad Tuition Policy Exception Form to obtain prior approval from the Office of Scholarships and Grants in order to have the additional tuition covered.