Good Standing and Graduation Requirements

Below are the minimum academic requirements to remain in Good Standing in Macaulay Honors College. Some of the eight partner colleges may have additional requirements. It is each student’s responsibility to be familiar with all requirements and be aware of policy changes, all of which are posted on the Macaulay website.

  • Macaulay students must achieve a GPA of 3.3 in each of their first three college semesters, and a 3.5 GPA thereafter.
  • Macaulay students are expected to be enrolled as full-time students (minimally 12 credits), unless the Dean and/or Provost of Macaulay Honors College gives a student permission to do otherwise due to exceptional circumstances. However, some campuses and degree programs may require additional credits per semester; your honors advisor should be consulted regarding your program planning.
  • Macaulay students must successfully pass all of the four Macaulay Seminars in their first four semesters (seminars may be taken out of sequence or in other semesters only with special permission from the Chief Academic Officer).
  • Macaulay students must successfully complete a minimum of four additional honors courses. (The honors programs at some colleges require more.)
  • Macaulay students must complete honors in their major and a senior thesis or capstone project.
    • IF these options are not available, or with special permission, students may, with the approval of the Provost, choose among these three options: (1) Students may take two extra upper division Honors classes on any campus, including at Macaulay. (2) Students may enroll in Macaulay’s Springboard Senior Thesis class (a two-semester commitment; students will not be permitted to enter mid-year). (3) Students may complete an independent senior thesis project at their home campus, in consultation with their Macaulay advisor.
  • Macaulay students must either study abroad or complete a qualifying internship or research experience.
  • Macaulay students must complete a minimum of 30 hours of community service, with a minimum of 10 hours during each of your first three years at Macaulay. Individual campuses may require additional community service hours.
  • Macaulay students  must adhere to the Honors Integrity Pledge at all times.

Failure to meet the requirements and standards of the Honors College, including violations of the Honors Integrity Code, may result in dismissal and the termination of the Macaulay Scholarship and all associated privileges. However, dismissal from Macaulay Honors College does not necessarily mean dismissal from the home college. See your advisor for further guidelines and requirements.