Additional Policies and Regulations

Work Policy

Your primary responsibilities as a Macaulay Scholar are your academic studies; working during the semester is highly discouraged.

Your advisor is your advocate and primary resource regarding academic issues, opportunities, and programs. Please discuss all academic plans with them.  


Although students are generally discouraged from transferring from one CUNY campus to another, an exception may be made if a particular major is unavailable at your home campus. If you are interested in pursuing this option, discuss it with your advisor as soon as possible.

Extended Time to Graduation

Students typically graduate in four years.  However, if you need more time to complete your studies, you should make a formal request using the Enrollment Status Change Form.

Part-time Status

In exceptional circumstances, such as an acute medical condition, you may be granted permission to take a lighter course load.  (If such a situation arises for you, be sure to discuss it with your Advisor.)  To request permission, please complete the Enrollment Status Change Form.


If you decide to withdraw from Macaulay Honors College, you should write a letter announcing your intention and submit it to your Advisor/Director. Once your Advisor/Director approves, you must submit the Enrollment Status Change Form. Afterward, you must participate in an exit interview with your campus Advisor or Director, return your Macaulay laptop and Cultural Passport, and submit any outstanding documentation requested. If you withdraw from courses during a semester, you will be responsible for all financial consequences, such as tuition charges.  Students should be aware that withdrawal from Macaulay Honors College, once approved, is irreversible.

Leave of Absence

In exceptional circumstances, such as an acute medical condition, you may be granted a leave of absence from Macaulay Honors College (however, your participation in an approved study abroad program does not constitute such a leave). To request permission, please complete the Enrollment Status Change Form.