Financial Aid

As a Macaulay Scholar, you will receive a tuition* scholarship, which funds four years of full-time undergraduate study, excluding fees. The Macaulay scholarship is drawn from a combination of sources: CUNY, TAP, Federal, City/State scholarships/grants, and other scholarships you may receive. The following types of scholarships/aid will be applied towards your tuition bill: TAP, NYS HESC Scholarships, NYS TAP waiver, CUSTA, PELL, NYC Council Merit Scholarship, and other scholarships received.

The FAFSA is made available on October 1st for each upcoming academic year and may be submitted online here. Immediately after completing the FAFSA, follow the appropriate link on the FAFSA confirmation page to complete your TAP application (if you are a New York State resident). If you missed the link, after your FAFSA is processed, you can access the TAP directly via

Failure to complete the FAFSA and TAP application will result in the tuition scholarship being rescinded, and the student will be retroactively charged for tuition for the entire year.

Macaulay Honors College does not have a designated college code for the FAFSA and TAP applications. You should supply the college code that corresponds to the CUNY College to which you have applied. For example, if you applied to Macaulay at Brooklyn College you would use the Brooklyn College school code on your financial aid application. Click here for a list of all CUNY college codes.

✽ Students must meet CUNY NYS residency requirements for in-state tuition to receive the tuition scholarship.

Direct Deposit Enrollment

Direct Deposit is a great way to get your financial aid funds secure and fast. Once you enroll in direct deposit your Opportunities Fund, financial aid and scholarships will be issued electronically. We strongly encourage you to enroll in direct deposit as a lost check can take weeks to reissue.

Sign up by going to CUNYfirst -> Self Service -> Campus Finances -> Add Bank Account Information and Select Enroll in Direct Deposit. Click here for more detailed instructions.

Tuition Liability Charges

Students who receive an NC grade, audit classes, or drop/withdraw (withdrawals include but are not limited to W, WN, WU grades) from one or more classes after the deadline for receiving a tuition refund will be liable for all charges, including tuition. If you have any questions about this policy, contact your Macaulay Advisor.

Federal Pell Grants                                            

The Pell Grant assists eligible students with paying for costs of college such as school supplies, transportation, lunch, and other supplemental educational and personal expenses. You are automatically considered for PELL funding when you submit a FAFSA.