Building Use

To enhance their college lives, students are welcome to use the Macaulay building’s amenities to study, conduct meetings, hold events and parties, and more.

The welcoming, convenient space is sought even for non-CUNY functions. Giving students access to this wonderful facility is a priority, but because of heavy demand, rooms are not always available. Reserving your space well in advance is encouraged.  If you would like to reserve space in the Macaulay building, please complete a Student Event Form.

PLEASE NOTE: The fourth floor is for staff only. Anyone wishing to speak with a member of staff on the fourth floor must be cleared by security.

There are a number of spaces open to students whenever the building is open, without reservation. See Student Spaces information.

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Individuals or groups who do not adhere to these guidelines may be denied the use of Macaulay Honors College facilities in the future.

For questions any concerns or suggestions regarding the student use of the Macaulay building:

Sara Mazes, Office & Building Services Coordinator at