Additional Financial Aid Opportunities

There are several other kinds of financial assistance besides the FAFSA and TAP applications.  They include:

College Scholarships

Check with your campus and speak to your Macaulay Honors Advisor for information about additional campus-based scholarship programs available for Macaulay Scholars.

Named Scholarships

The Macaulay Honors College Opportunities Fund—which supports study abroad, internship, and research experiences—comes from various individual, business, and foundation sources. We also provide named scholarships to outstanding students and offer them opportunities to meet the donors who make the unique aspects of a Macaulay education possible.

While no additional money is associated with these honorific scholarships, receiving one is a distinction that will remain on the student’s permanent record. Students often add these named scholarships to their résumés.

Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships

CUNY maintains a list of prestigious scholarships and fellowships sorted by discipline. Click here to see the list.

Scholarship Search

CUNY’s Scholarship Search website allows you to discover CUNY and New York State scholarship opportunities and utilize various scholarship search engines. Click here to start your search.