Macaulay’s GPA Requirement

Based on extensive study and feedback from students, faculty, and staff,  and a comprehensive survey of best practices from honors programs and colleges across the country, Macaulay’s GPA requirement is being modified.

Effective immediately in fall 2019 (beginning August 27, 2019) the GPA requirement will be calculated on a semester-by-semester basis, instead of using the cumulative GPA.

The former status of “Academic Probation” will  no longer exist.  Instead, students who do not meet the minimum GPA requirement in a specific semester will be placed on “Academic Support” status.  Academic Support will include a specifically tailored list of recommendations and requirements (selected by the Progress Report Principals)  designed to help the student achieve the required GPA.

If a student’s semester GPA is below the required minimum in a second (or any future) semester, the student may be academically dismissed from Macaulay Honors College.

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